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A session or group session with me can look many different ways. I love to meet people where they are at so if you have any questions about my offerings below please email me or set up a free 20 minute chat!  


A one hour guided card reading 

After the session a PDF of the reading is provided. 


Readings can be booked online or in person in the New York area per request. 


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Card Readings


Chelsea's readings include eight unique decks for a collaborative and inspirational session. Card readings mean different things to different people and Chelsea meets each individual where they are at and what they are looking to get out of their time together. The cards are not used to tell the future but for sparks of inspiration. Chelsea's clients leave feeling affirmed and often excited to switch up or dive into whatever was holding them back from taking the next steps in their life, career, creative or spiritual path. 


"Chelsea has read cards for me through many different decks a few times. Each time, it has been exactly what I needed. After a session with Chelsea, I feel more awake to my own feelings and healing. As someone who is just beginning their spiritual self care practice, I am grateful to have worked with Chelsea.” Lauren S. 


The eight unique decks include: 


The Numinous Astro Deck co-authored by Ruby Warrington with astrologer Bess Matassa, Goddess Guidance by Doreen Virtue, Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue, A Yogic Path by Sahara Rose, Celtic Tree Oracle by Sharlyn Hidalgo,The Druid Craft Tarot by Philip Carr-Gomm, The Linestrider Tarot By Siolo Thompson, and Angels and the Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray 



Embodied Storytelling

Oracle Reading


Chelsea’s embodied storytelling oracle sessions include an oracle reading followed by theatrical embodiments to explore different themes, stories and characters that come up in the reading. Chelsea will be doing the activities alongside you so no need to fear the word “theatrical” the session is created to best serve the client and tap into your creativity. 


“Chelsea’s readings are always heart centered. Her intuition and natural gifts help guide me through a world with a lot of confusion and chaos. The embodiment reading got me out of my seat and into my body! It was just what I needed to move through these new understandings and feel what’s really going on. I will definitely continue to go back to Chelsea for more readings. They are one of a kind!” Elissa E.


Please feel free to email or set up a free 20 minute chat to discuss more!

This 1 hour or more session includes storytelling, applied theatre activities, reiki, and cards. 

1 on 1 or group sessions

After the session a PDF of the reading is provided. 


Readings can be booked online or in person in the New York area per request. 

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Reiki Sessions


Rei-”universal” ki-”life energy.” 


Reiki was founded in Japan by Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and brought to the west by Hawayo Takata. It is an energy exchange used to aid in emotional and physical healing through hands on touch or through distance. 


Energy healing has been used by many different cultures and healers throughout the years and may have a different name. Reiki has strengthened my connection to self, the elements, and to others. It is a part of my meditation practice and is something that I can drop into throughout the day when needed. 

 1 hour Session

Through video or in person with Covid-19 precautions 


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