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My Story

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I'm Chelsea Hanawalt of allow the sun. I grew up in a small town on the sunny central coast of California where I spent my days playing outside and creating adventures. My big imagination and love for self expression led me into the world of theatre and the arts. I teach applied theatre, yoga and mindfulness to little ones.


I received my MA in applied theatre through CUNY (The City University of New York) using theatre for education and social change. I received level 1 & 2 reiki certification from the  Glowing Heart  Center Reiki SchoolI am currently studying to be a drama therapist at The Drama Therapy Institute of LA

Following my intuition, I have been incorporating my love for theatre and the mystical into my work and thus allow the sun was born! I believe in the healing powers of play, imagination and creativity. It is my goal in life to share the  creative arts with all ages! 

 I am a founder of The Journey Theatre Project  (JTP)

an applied theatre company that uses theatre conventions and techniques to serve communities such as, schools, colleges, transitional housing programs, LGBTQ Senior Centers and various corporations facilitating diversity, equity and belonging workshops. We also create original plays with the communities we work with. 

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JTP The Gift Performance
Photo by Patrick Garcia-Jurado

I want to take a moment to honor and thank two of my mentors on my healing path Alexandra Roxo and Ruby Warrington. In their past work they created, Moon Club, a women's online community working with the moon cycle, astrology, storytelling, writing, breathe work, and embodiment practices. I was a Moon Club ambassador assisting in facilitating the in person women’s story medicine circles in NY. 

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