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What is allow imagination? 

“True change takes place in the imagination.”

Thomas Moore

allow imagination takes us on an adventure to ourselves: to face challenges through creativity and imagination. To connect to all the beautiful, complex, and wild parts of ourselves. allow imagination is a new offering incorporating my drama therapy studies and work as an applied theatre practitioner. 


allow imagination coaching 

A coaching session fostering self care and self expression with kids, youth, adults and older adults through the creative arts. The sessions are catered to your personal needs using a combination of drama therapy techniques, applied theatre activities, movement and the expressive arts.


  • I offer social emotional learning sessions through music, play, mindfulness and movement for kids ages 2 and up.

  • I work with kids with neurodivergence and who are on the autism spectrum. 

  • I facilitate family sessions using drama therapy exercises to explore different family roles and dynamics. I provide hands on tools and activities to help at home.  

  • I offer youth and adult coaching sessions to support in self love, self expression, relationship goals, personals goals, career goals, overall mental wellness and more. 

  •  I facilitate various creative arts group workshops, gatherings and retreats. 

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I am currently offering sliding scale prices. Please reach out to with any questions. 

A Disclaimer

Although I will be facilitating drama therapy activities, allow imagination is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional therapy, counseling, or medical advice.

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