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A family rule in my house growing up was "get outside" don't sit in front of the TV all day long "go explore!" Although at times I fought against that rule, looking back I am so grateful to have spent much of my childhood playing outdoors. I believe that is where my imagination and creativity grew! Collecting rocks and watching tad poles, which by the way I still love to do! 


A part of my work with allow the sun and allow imagination is to share my love of nature with others. To heal through nature and respect the land that we so graciously get to inhabit. 

Stay tuned for opportunities to connect in nature together!

For the past two year I have been a part of a magical collective called Sun Moon Stars that created two retreats in nature in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Sun Moon Star's fostes self expression and self inquiry through movement, astrology, ecstatic dance, embodied card readings and more. 

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