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Sun Moon Stars

I am a part of a magical collective called Sun Moon Stars.

We foster self expression and self inquiry through movement, astrology, ecstatic dance, embodied card readings and more. We believe that nature is healing and facilitate in person creative, nature retreats as well as virtual seasonal offerings.  

Sun Moon Stars 2023 Retreat
Restore Your Sanctuary 

A healing retreat in nature, led by the Sun Moon Stars collective — Karen Olivia Kiely, Elissa Eskridge and Chelsea Hanawalt — three practitioners, teachers and creative artists passionate about creating spaces for self-inquiry, embodiment and healing.

Expect a weekend of yoga, meditation + breath work, ecstatic dance, tarot + astrology, nourishing food, sauna, swim, and nature adventures with like-hearted people in an intimate space held by thoughtfully tended land.

Come and cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and others, and leave feeling refreshed and energized!

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