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Radiant Radical

Radiant: Leo sun

Radical: Aquarius moon

Storytelling: Gemini rising


These words came to me when describing my astrological natal chart and they encapsulate what I want these circles to represent!

The Radiant Radical Storytelling online circles are meant to provide space to support one another in a group, honor the seasons, the Celtic wheel of the year, holidays, or focus on a specific theme.

The circle's include activities like oracle readings, poetry shares, astrology updates, journal reflections, story shares, and ecstatic dance! In true Aquarius fashion I am always  accompanied by special guest facilitator's sharing their unique passions and talents!

RRS Confidence .png


The Glowing Heart Center

LIVESTREAM | Thu Apr 28th • 7:30pm - 8:30pm EDT
Join Chelsea Hanawalt of, allow the sun, for Radiant Radical Storytelling. This month we will be exploring the theme of Confidence. What is confidence? What are your struggles with confidence? What do you want to be more confident in? What does confidence look like and feel like in the body? Join us to answer these questions and more in an embodied and creative way. These circles are meant to provide space to support one another in a collaborative group setting. The circles include activities such as story or poetry shares, oracle readings, astrology/seasonal updates, journal reflections, movement, and more.
Sliding Scale
Exchange // $33
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