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About Me

My name is Chelsea Hanawalt

I am a teacher, performer, applied theatre and reiki practitioner based in New York City. I apply theatre and mystical practices through storytelling, embodied readings, and reiki healing to foster self care and self expression with individuals and communities.  


Land Acknowledgment 

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the land we are living on - land that was stolen from Indigenous people by settler-colonialists and later the American government and its people. Indigenous people are still here, taking care of their communities and fighting to keep them safe. allowthesun is Queens, NY based, land of the Munsee Lenape people. Learn more below about the land you are on below.

Upcoming Events

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Sun Moon + Stars Retreat
August 11-14
Greenbank, WA (Whidbey Island)
Sun Moon + Stars 


Deep Soul Dive Podcast
Karen Olivia Kiely

I had the pleasure of being on the Deep Soul Dive podcast with Karen Olivia Kiely  


On the podcast we talked about: 

"The significance of energy and the intuitive ability we all have to read it. How to recognize signs from the universe in all the crazy ways it sends them. Facing the fear of stepping into a role of offering healing gifts and how to get out of your own way. The links between sobriety or sober curiosity and intuitive abilities...and a lot more!"


1 Hour Card Reading

A guided card reading with 7 unique decks

Through video or in person with Covid-19 precautions 


A 30 minute or 1hour distant video session


In person with Covid-19 precautions 

Embodied Storytelling

This 1 and half hour collaborative session is curated based on the needs of an individual or group.

The session includes storytelling, applied theatre activities, reiki, and cards. 

Group sessions through video

or 1 on1 sessions in person with Covid-19 precautions.


Radiant Radical Storytelling

The world needs radical change and people ready to step into their truths again and again. It starts with looking within. Allowing yourself to shine bright so that you can show up for others. To show up not just for folks who look and think like you but for all beings.We can and will do this together!


A space of self care, to reflect on our inner world to then step into action to support our communities and the world at large! 


Click below for more info to join in! 



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